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Amount minimum: Rs 1,000

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All businesses have specific equipment requirements to ensure smooth running of their daily operations!

Rogers Capital gives its clients a helping hand to rent or acquire an asset and pay for it within a flexible period of time while their business makes money. Clients can borrow cash under Rogers Capital short-term credit scheme to finance the purchase of any equipment or through the Leasing Equipment Modernisation Scheme (LEMS)*.

The company provides assistance to SME’s through the LEM scheme, designed for the upgrading of a business’s production equipment and helping them achieve business continuity. Rogers Capital assists clients in realising their projects with a leasing contract that enables them to repay over a flexible period. This cost-effective long-term financing braces any business in the best way possible.

There are three types of LEMS

* Companies operating for more than one year requiring investment for the purpose of acquisition or modernization of production equipment.


Leasing facility of a maximum of MUR 10 million for the purchase of new equipment by SMEs with turnover not exceeding MUR 50 million per annum.


Leasing facility not exceeding MUR 25 million for the purchase of new equipment by SMEs with turnover between MUR 50 million and MUR 150 million per annum 


Leasing facility not exceeding MUR 50 million for the purchase of new equipment by SMEs with turnover between MUR 150 million and MUR 500 million per annum 

Advantages of buying equipment through

Rogers Capital:

Secure, fast and friendly service

Swiftly finance your project

Flexible term of repayment

Story Telling Time


Sam could use some upgraded equipment to use in his expanding business to maximise efficiency. He has heard that there is one machine that is particularly fast and accurate. Maybe he could borrow the required amount and pay for it over time so as not to affect his cashflow drastically.

How to apply ? 

1. Select the equipment.

2. Get a quote from the equipment dealer.

3. Provide all your key documents.

4. Your eligibility will be assessed.

5. You and your equipment dealer will be informed of the approval.

6. Get the contract signed.

7. Pay the deposit and VAT amount.

8. Receive the equipment.

Key Documents


*Documents should be original or true copies of originals. Kindly note that we may request additional documents.


Trade Licence

Document specific to purpose of financing

VAT certificate

Latest Financials

Proven Business Track Record

of minimum 3 years

(Not applicable for LEMs)

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