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Act on major purchases and life opportunities that may require more money
than you have in hand right now. 

Whether it’s a new mobile phone, a TV, a computer, an air-conditioner or any home appliances, Rogers Capital helps its clients buy several types of products at more than 500+ merchants across Mauritius within a flexible repayment period of 3 to 48 months. 

Advantages of buying
on credit with Rogers Capital

  • Zero deposit 
  • Fast and convenient 
  • Re-payment facilities 
  • Buy at 500+ merchants

Story Telling Time


Following their marriage, Sam and Sheila want to furnish their home. Reluctant to affect their cashflow by buying everything on cash, they decided that they could buy the refrigerator on credit. Finding one model they like, Sam submit a credit request with all required documents on noula app.

After verifying all documents and analysing the incomes and expenditures of the couple, Rogers Capital approves Sam’s request as the family income is estimated adequate compared to the expenditures. Moreover, the couple has a good repayment history.

Individual Buy on credit - Case study

How to apply ? 

1. Select your product

2. Apply for the credit at the merchant’s store with the key documents required

*A deposit of MUR 200.00 is mandatory

3. Your eligibility will be assessed

4. The merchant will be informed of the approval

5. Make a deposit and sign the contract

6. Receive the product

Key Documents


Documents should be original or true copies of originals.

Kindly note that we may request additional documents.


National Identity Card

Proof of address –
(not older than 3 months)

Latest payslip

Bank Statement (last 6 months)

MRA return/Financial Statement (latest)


Additional documents for Self-Employed

Testimonial/Proof of earnings (where applicable) instead of payslip

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here for you

We are driven by passion and powered by our loyal customers!

Responsiveness, friendliness and professionalism, the perfect words to describe Rogers Capital’s team of 200+ experts that help design and implement adequate solutions for our valued clients. 

Today, our team successfully made more than 86% of our customer base happy and more than 91% of our clients are keen to recommend Rogers Capital.

Because you are valued at Rogers Capital, we strive to make every aspect of customer experience better each day”..

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