Rogers Capital, the FinTech subsidiary of Rogers, takes a new step in the digitalization of consumer credit with its new mobile application, noula.

No more long and tedious processes at a merchant for his purchase on credit. Rogers Capital offers consumers a mobile application to easily create their profile and apply for credit while remaining in the comfort of their home. By using noula, a person can already communicate their documents for a first validation and benefit from an estimate of the loan limit that they can contract with Rogers Capital before going to the store.

Embrace the many benefits of noula App


Apply for credit before visiting the merchant

Get a pre-approved credit limit

Get access to exclusive offers from our partners

Get access to your statement of accounts

When credit gets mobile, that’s right Noula!

No more queuing up at our counters, simply download the mobile application through app store or playstore and make your credit application straight from your couch.

Noula is fast and convenient and allows you to safely manage your credits independently. You can submit your application via the app and get approved via a text message. 

So, its freezing outside? You don’t want to go out? Heading at a counter is a hassle? 

Sit back, relax, Noula!

Get the App


To make the most out of Noula App and gain access to exclusive offers, download it now from App Store or Play Store