Fixed Monthly Repayment


Enjoy stability with fixed monthly repayments!


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For over 5 years now, Rogers Capital’s engagement has been to help valued customers reach their destination through innovative vehicle financing solutions.

Ijarah offers a unique and Sharia-compliant alternative, based on fairness, transparency and social responsibility. With a commitment to upholding ethical standards, Ijarah provides individuals and businesses a trustworthy and beneficial financing arrangement, irrespective of their beliefs or background.

Advantages :

Responsible and transparent financing solution.

Easy access to essential assets without the burden of ownership, promoting business growth and personal development.

Fixed monthly repayments provide stability and predictability, facilitating better financial planning.

ljarah fosters a cooperative environment where risk is shared between the company and the client, offering a sense of security.

Flexible repayment terms up to 84 months, enabling customisation to suit individual needs and preferences.

Story Telling Time


Dr. Sam aspires to upgrade his car. He seeks a financing solution with a fixed monthly repayment over the entire term. Dr. Sam is now exploring the various financing options provided by Rogers Capital.

How to apply ? 

1. Select your preferred car

2. Get a quote

3. Provide all required documents

4. Your eligibility will be assessed

5. You and your car dealer will be informed of the approval

6. Receive your car

Documents Required


Documents should be original or true copies of originals.

Kindly note that we may request additional documents.


National Identity Card

Birth Certificate

Recent proof of address

Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

Payslip (latest)

Bank Statement for the last 6 months

Additional documents for Self-Employed

Trade license/permit

MRA return

Business Registration Certificate

VAT certificate (if any)

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