Getting an insurance is your responsibilty to your family and your loved ones!



Fire & Lightning

Flood & Cyclone


Earthquake & Landslide

Guarantee insurance- Life Cover


Loss of Employment

Rogers capital insurance provides its clients with protection to cover their outstanding balance in case of any insured eventuality for up to a maximum of 48 months and limited to a maximum payable amount of MUR200, 000. The company recognises that providing protection to its clients will give them the freedom of taking risks while protecting themselves.

Choose from various plans, each designed to suit clients needs.

Story Telling Time


Sam and Sheila bought a refrigerator on credit. The merchant has advised the couple to take an insurance on the product. Sam does not see the necessity to take an insurance. However, Sheila reminded Sam of the incidence where their friend’s TV bought on credit was damages by some serious lightning but since the product was insured, the damage was covered.

Choose from various plans, each designed to suit clients needs

1. Select your product.

2. Apply for the credit.

*A deposit of MUR 200.00 is mandatory

3. An appropriate insurance plan will be proposed to you in the contract

4. You  may opt to take the insurance cover if you like

5. In case where an insured event occurs, you may deposit your claim at a Rogers Capital counter

What is covered?

Clients, Dependents of the clients and their residence anywhere in Mauritius 

How to apply?

Anytime a customer takes a credit with Rogers Capital he/she may opt to take an insurance cover as a protection against unplanned events where he/she may be rendered incapacitated to repay his/her credit.

All claims should be submitted at Rogers Capital counter with required documents as mentioned in the contract.

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