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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the CFA product?

The Credit Finance Agreement (CFA) is a credit offered to customers for the purchase of goods - such as refrigerators, washing machines, furniture, tiles, televisions - as a replacement for the Hire Purchase (HP). It is repayable over a maximum period of 48 months. CFA allows customers to repay smaller amounts per month since the credit is spread over 48 months instead of the maximum 36 months for Hire Purchase (HP); this eases the customer's repayment capacity.

To buy on credit, you may use noula app. Upload all you document and follow the steps to buy a product on credit.

2. Can I make an application if I’m not a client?

Yes, you will have to provide the following documents to buy on credit. We may request for other documents

As an Individual

· Identity card

· Proof of address -less than 1 month old

· Latest pay slip, or

· Pension card/Testimonial/Proof of earning/ bank statement for the last 3 months


As self-employed without permit

· Identity Card

· Proof of address less than 1 month for new customers and for existing customer we may consider the proof of address already in our system dated less than 1 year.

· Bank statement (last 6 months).


As self-employed with Permit

· Business Registration Card (BRN)

· VAT Certificate (where applicable)

· Trade License/Employment Contract/ Public Service Vehicle/ Contract Car Licence /Any other permit

· Bank Statement (last 6 months)

· MRA return/Financial Statement (Latest)

· Proof of address not older than 3 months

3. How do I know what is the monthly repayment amount when I buy on credit?

The monthly repayment amount will be stated at time of purchase. And the same amount will appear on your contract and monthly statements of account.

4. What is the repayment period when I buy on credit?

3 to 48 months depending on your repayment capacity and the product.

5. How long does it take for me to receive a response for my credit purchase application?

• For an individual, between 5 and 40 minutes if all documents are provided and if the requested criteria are met.

• For a company, you need to wait for a maximum period of 2 days.

6. Can I purchase multiple products on credit at the same time?

Yes, depending on your repayment capacity

7. Is it compulsory to take an insurance?

No, but it is highly recommended.

8. What does the insurance covers?

Insurance covers the following:

General Insurance
Fire & Lightning, Flood & Cyclone, Burglary, Earthquake & Landslide

Life Insurance
Death, Loss of employment in the case of retrenchment & Total & Permanent disability

1. What is noula ?

Noula is a mobile app that empowers clients to create their profile with Rogers Capital from anywhere. It allows them to apply for credit and enjoy features such as self-subscription, access to their account and exclusive offers, all without having to visit a counter in person.

2. What are the features of noula?
  • Credit application
  • Payment history
  • Display of contracts
  • Monthly instalment payments
  • Checking the status of the application
  • Profile management - Keep your KYC at hand.
3. What are the opening hours of the noula customer service department?

Monday – Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
Friday – Saturday: 8:30 am - 10:00 pm
Sunday & public holidays: 8:30 am - 3:00 pm

4. Within what timeframe does the customer service agent call the client once a request is submitted on noula?

Within 30 minutes following the opening hours.

5. When is a request considered incomplete on noula?

When the provided documents/information are incomplete.

6. How can I change the status of the request from "incomplete" to "in progress"?

By sending the requested documents to the customer service team.

7. How can I cancel a request?

The client must call the hotline - 260 0323 to request the cancellation of the request.

8. When is a request automatically cancelled?

The client's request has been approved but has not been activated within a month - the request will be automatically cancelled.

9. How will I know that my request has been approved?

You will receive an automatically generated SMS to inform you that your credit has been approved and to proceed with the retrieval of your item from the store you selected your product and for the contract signing. You need to bring along your ID when collecting your product .

The customer service team calls the client.

10. Where is the deposit paid?

At the merchant's store.

11. What information is required on the price tag/quote when the client submits a request on noula?
  • Complete product description.
  • Price - VAT included.
  • If the item is on promotion - the validity of the promotion.

1. Does Rogers Capital offer loans/ credit, and what are the conditions?

Rogers Capital provides personal credit with a repayment period ranging from 3 to 48 months for financing amounts between Rs20,000 and Rs200,000 respectively, without guarantee.

2. What is the minimum salary required for a credit application?

There is no minimum requirement for credit facilities. It will be as per your capacity of repayment based on your income as well as the amount of credit already contracted with us and other institutions.

3. What are the fees for the credit?

There is a fee of Rs 200 for your credit application, payable when you submit your application, and a 2% processing fee.

4. How long will it take to get a response for my credit/credit?

The process is fast; you will receive a response within 5 business days when all documents have been provided, depending on the complexity of the application. The money is transferred to your account a week after the contract is signed.

5. How long does it take for my insurance to be approved for a creditcredit?

As soon as the credit is approved, your insurance will also be approved. However, the insurance company may take more time in specific cases, leading to a delay in approving your application. Note that you are allowed to choose your insurance company.

6. Can someone act as a guarantor?

Yes, you can nominate a guarantor as per your request if the guarantor meets the requirements.

7. Can I apply for a credit online?

You may use the Rogers Capital online form on our website and our team will contact you. It is not a full set of application; you will still need to provide your documents. You will have to sign the application form, contract and other documen

8. What are the documents I need to submit for a creditcredit?

The original copies of the following documents and also documents justifying the credit in the case of a credit for medical, education, or travel purposes.

For individuals:

  • National ID card or passport with a minimum validity of 6 months
  • Proof of address (-less than 1 month old
  • The latest salary slip/ Proof of earning
  • Bank statement (last six months)


For retirees:

  • National ID card or passport with a minimum validity of 6 months
  • Proof of address (dated within the last three months)
  • Pension card
  • Bank statement (last six months)


For self-employed:

  • National ID card or valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months
  • Proof of address less than 1 month old
  • Latest earnings certificate/proof (where applicable)
  • Employment contract/Operating permit/PSV license (where applicable)/other permits
  • Business registration card
  • VAT certificate (if applicable)
  • Bank statement (last six months)
  • MRA return/Balance sheet and profit and loss accounts
9. What are your criteria and required documents for financing a trip?

The credit applies to a round-trip ticket.

  • The employee's age must be between 19 and 68 years.


The required documents are:

  • Your national ID card or passport with a minimum validity of 6 months.
  • Proof of address - less than 1 month old
  • The latest salary slip.
  • Bank statement (last six months).
  • Documents from the travel agency (Quotation).
10. Why was the credit not approved?

Credit application is declined for various reasons including but not limited to the fact that your repayment capacity is exceeded as per information provided by the Bank of Mauritius.

11. Why is the approved amount for my credit less than my request?

The credit amount depends on your commitments with us and other financial institutions, as well as your repayment capacity.

12. Does Rogers Capital propose the service of repurchase of debt?

Rogers Capital considers the repurchase of credit or refinancing, provided you are within your repayment capacity. You are requested to bring the settlement balance as provided by your bank.

13. What is the difference between financing an air ticket and a travel package?

An air ticket is a standalone ticket. On the other hand, the travel package includes the air ticket, accommodation, and excursions.