Rogers Capital

Rogers Capital Finance Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of Rogers Capital Ltd and forms part of the Rogers Group. Read more here

Rogers Capital Finance Ltd (RCFL) was set up with the objective of providing specialised financial services with a particular emphasis on credit. The business rationale of RCFL rests on its ability to provide credit facilities to different segments of the market, (individuals and corporates) by leveraging on new technology to enhance the customer experience and improve operational efficiency.

Rogers Group

Rogers & Co. Ltd, our parent company, is a leading international services and investment company established in Mauritius. Since its inception in 1899, it has been especially recognised for its notable contributions to the Mauritian economic landscape.

A listed company on the Mauritian Stock Exchange, Rogers has set up companies and projects in developed and emerging countries. It serves four main markets: FinTech, Hospitality, Logistics and Property. The Group’s combination of unique capabilities, entrepreneurial spirit and global network has enabled it to capture significant market share in all sectors in which it operates.

Today, over a century later, there are 4,545 employees operating in 53 offices across 12 territories.